Gender Fluid | Omnisexual | Disabled | Neurodivergent | Ethical Non-Monogamist

Roxie Voorhees (she/he/they) is the type of ghoul people call a great slay. She is a tangled threesome of Gag me with a Spoon, Welcome to the Darkside, and Catch me Outside. When she isn’t reading, she is writing, and when she isn’t writing she is creating something with her hands while binge-watching Buffy.

Originally from Central California, he now resides with his service dog, a mastador named Bellatrix, in Central Arkansas, where he refuses to use the word y'all, is hella progressive, and dreams of using the bathroom without it being a political stance. 

Roxie has come out as gender fluid! They prefer any pronouns and don't mind being included in women specific lists, but asks you please note their fluidity.

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NORƉ, a Yule horror novella, presents two distinct narratives set underneath The Wild Hunt. Both steeped in Norse mythology, you follow the ghostly procession as it travels from the northernmost point to the southern coast of Norway. In Geiranger, Astrid—on the cusp of womanhood, grapples with matters of the heart in her tiny village. Meanwhile, in Tunsberg, two brothers clash in a Balder and Loki retelling after the demise of the king.

Complete with glossary and translations.


When Lillian killed her father, getting the blood out of her dress was the least of her worries. The Native woman on her left will soon prove to be a blessing, or a curse. Just as hope all but evaporates on the cracked earth of the Mojave, a beacon of light shines in the center of a silver mining town, Calico.

Born into the rigidity of classism, Lillian struggles with the welcoming hospitality of the town and its inhabitants. Convinced this respite is brief, she prepares to return the woman to her people, and flee her crime. Even so, Calico softens her heart and Lillian soon feels she belongs.

But a stranger gallops into Calico. His presence commands obedience, and soon he finds what he is looking for, 


And they have unfinished business.

January 10, 2023

"Moonlight Motu"

An anti-colonization warcry, Moonlight Motu destroys a Blue Lagoon situation with shape-shifting vampiric merpeople.

Brigids Gate Press

Halloween 2022

Shallow Waters: a Flash Fiction Anthology Special Halloween Edition

"Apple Tree Man"

An urban legend of a strange orchard in a small town.

Crystal Lake Publishing

August 22, 2022

The Golden Tickets

The Golden Tickets follows a girl during the most challenging year of her life. After her mother dies, she is forced to grow up quickly and meets the person she would give it all up for. The queer origin story of Bearded Lady and Wolf Boy we all needed.

Book Slayer Press

June 21, 2022

"Neon Afterglow"

A chunky lesbian navigates the AIDS crisis to discover its worse than she thought.

Edited by Nico Bell & Sonora Taylor 

June 14, 2022

"The Turquoise Door"

During renovations on their new home, Jordan finds a hidden door in the basement. This door isn't like any they've opened before.

When their partner crosses the threshold, they fear they will never see her again.

Then she returns.

Book Slayer Press


March 1, 2022

"Cuca Vai te Pegar"

A coming out coming-of-age story within a Portuguese lullaby.

Dark Dispatch

December 5, 2021

"The Wild Hunt"

This Krampusnacht, the Bitter Chills: Holiday Edition collects revised and re-edited versions of the original eleven wintry horror tales from February 2021’s Bitter Chills, as well as a cold collection of bonus materials and new story by Mona Kabbani.

Blood Rites Horror


October 31, 2021


Is about a monster that picked the wrong single mom to fuck with and is a reminder women are tired and hungry and sick of your shit.

Kandisha Press

October 27, 2021


A queer body horror story straight out of an episode of Twilight Zone.

Books of Horror

July 1, 2021

"The Golden Tickets"

A queer coming-of-age with a freakshow, menstruation, and inclusivity.

Blood Rites Horror


February 13, 2021

"The Wild Hunt"

A fairy tale with teeth, about loss, heartbreak, and the lengths we go for the ones we love.

Blood Rites Horror


October 16, 2020

"The Hag Stone"

A young girl finds a mysterious rock under the Tule River that allows her to see things.

Books of Horror