Story of Roxie Voorhees

Roxie Voorhees (she/he/they) is a tangled threesome of Gag me with a Spoon, Welcome to the Darkside, and Catch me Outside. When she isn’t writing, she is hyperfocusing on whichever of the many hobbies her ADHD insists. A California native, he resides with his service dog, Bellatrix, in Central Arkansas, where he refuses to use the word y'all, is hella progressive, and dreams of using the bathroom without it being a political stance.


Accepted for publication in Mother Knows Best edited by Lindy Ryan, published by Black Spot Books. Release date May 7, 2024.

"There's No Place Like Home"

A poem about my deep motherwound inspired by THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) .

Imagine your mother is Glenda, father is Oz, and you're left to be raised by your stepmother, the Wicked Witch.

Find the full Table of Contents here. 

This is my first traditional publishing credit and I am honored to be included along with women who inspire me.


Book Slayer Press presents NEGATIVE CREEP: A NIRVANA-Inspired Horror Anthology. 

Acceptances and rejections went out November 16, 2023.


Published 7.15.23 in Eye to the Telescope 49: TRAUMA

"A House of Sticks"

A poem about surviving my trauma of intimate partner violence.

Read it HERE.

Coming this September!

The Longest Thirst: A Splatterwestern

The Quick and the Dead meets Carmilla


Coming this Krampusnacht!


NORƉ, a Yule horror novella, presents two distinct narratives set underneath The Wild Hunt. Both steeped in Norse mythology, you follow the ghostly procession as it travels from the northernmost point to the southern coast of Norway. In Geiranger, Astrid—on the cusp of womanhood, grapples with matters of the heart in her tiny village. Meanwhile, in Tunsberg, two brothers clash in a Balder and Loki retelling after the demise of the king.

Complete with glossary and translations.